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eTwinning Workshop for Teacher Training Institutes

In 2012 eTwinning launched an initiative to involve Teacher Training Institutes (TTIs) from several European countries with the aim of bringing a knowledge and understanding of eTwinning to student teachers.

This initiative has gradually evolved from the initial pilot phase to an initiative that now covers all eTwinning and eTwinning Plus countries.

As of 2019, in addition to Teacher Trainers, Student Teachers are also able to access eTwinning Live, through a special role in the platform.

The TTI initiative has a growing number of examples from different countries demonstrating that the introduction of eTwinning into the training of student teachers delivers significant value to them and their institutions. It offers a practical application of 21st-century skills, project and international experience, and is aligned to the priority of digital citizenship. The TTI initiative is an important priority for eTwinning, as it addresses the future generations of teachers in Europe and beyond.

In May 2019 an eTwinning TTI workshop was held in Brussels, bringing together new TTIs from all the countries participating in the initiative including those new to the initiative. The aim of this workshop was to use the existing experience and pass it on to the new participants.

The event focused on the theoretical background of how eTwinning can enhance the TTI curriculum and experience of student teachers as well as support on implementing activities and new pedagogies in schools through eTwinning.  This was all presented through practical and theoretical workshops, as well as presentations of best practices. 

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